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 Back yard chicken keeping in the city of Brantford?

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PostSubject: Back yard chicken keeping in the city of Brantford?   Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:36 pm

Hi to all on here..Doesnt look like a busy site but im going to go ahead and post here hoping to attract some people interested in battling the city of Brantford on the anti chicken by-law. Here is a Letter recently sent to Marguerite Ceschi-Smith our Ward 5 Councillor. Please feel free to contact us as were looking for large numbers of tax paying city residences to get involved.Remember this is an election year and now is the time to get thier attention
Thanks, Ron Ritchie

Hi there how are you today?
Marguerite I wanted to ask a quick question on your thoughts on a small issue I have with a city by-law. I have 2 young children here in Eagle Place. Recently our children have taken an interest in raising some chickens in our yard for fresh eggs. After doing a bunch of research I have been informed that the City doesnt allow it? What I want to know from you is what is your opinion on this and are you willing to go to bat for our family regaurding this? I would like to have the ordinance reviewed or challenged and even possibly changed. Here is some basic information I have gathered on this issue. Here is an article in the Windsor Newspaper. I find it interesting, and hope you will too


are a group of Brantford, Ontario residents working to legalize backyard chicken keeping.

Amending the ordinances of the City of Brantford to allow small flocks of backyard poultry would promote sustainability and the public welfare.

1) Backyard poultry ensure that residents have access to safe, local eggs.
2) Backyard poultry eat insects and weeds, improving the residential environment.
3) Backyard poultry can reduce waste by eating food scraps.
4) Backyard poultry are already permitted in other cities within Ontario
5) In uncertain economic times, backyard poultry provide a measure of financial security for residents.
6) Backyard poultry make excellent and entertaining pets.
7) Perceived nuisance issues with background poultry are already regulated under existing City ordinance. (Dog and Cat control)

The City's of Hamilton and Toronto allow their residents the freedom to raise chickens for eggs. We believe Brantford should join the ranks of other nearby suburbs and allow small flocks of backyard hens
feel free to call if you wish to discuss this matter further
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Back yard chicken keeping in the city of Brantford?
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